Dual band bent slot loaded patch antenna

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Multi-Band Miniaturized Patch Antennas for a Compact, Shielded ...

US3521284D 1968-01-12 1968-01-12 Antenna with pattern directivity control Expired - Lifetime US3521284A ( en ) Daniel Mammo | Antenna (Radio) | Polarization (Waves) Chapter 3 Single Band Microstrip Patch Antenna Design and Results 3.1. Introduction In this chapter, the procedure for designing a rectangular microstrip patch antenna is explained. ON THE Radiation Pattern OF THE L-Shaped WIRE Antenna - PDF

2 design of dual-frequency cp- slotted patch antenna

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Dual-Band Annular-Ring Microstrip Patch Antenna for

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Sep 19, 2014 · This paper presents a straightforward design and analysis of rectangular radiating patch with narrow slots and microstrip line fed patch antenna for dual band operations. A parametric analysis has... Slot loaded rectangular patch antenna for dual-band operations on glass-reinforced epoxy laminated inexpensive substrate | SpringerLink

ISSN (Online) 2394-2320 It was introduced by Falcone et al. in 2004 [35]. Csrrs and SRRs have been applied extensively to dipoles and patch antennas for reducing their sizes [36] – [43]. In [37], a dual band rectangular patch is proposed, by inserting a single …